Marketing Your Event Planning Business

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The event planning business is a competitive one.  If you want to promote your event planning business, marketing your event planning business is something you should learn, fast.  With the stress of planning a wedding or any other huge event, you want to market your event planning business in the easiest way possible. Advertising your event management business can sound a little complicated but we made it super easy. Here are a few simple steps to marketing your event planning business: 

Email marketing. So you organized a 50th birthday event, it was grand and amazing. Soon mama 50 will need someone to organize her daughter’s wedding. That’s where email marketing comes in handy. Reminding your clients that you are still available to plan their family events is a great marketing tool. Send an email newsletter to all your clients giving them daily tips on how to organize an event, how to fold napkins in the prettiest way or anything else that might spike relating to your profession that might spike their interest. This way you will always be in the back of their minds if they ever need an event planner

Volunteer Your Services: While working for free probably shouldn’t be on the agenda, it is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and services and add another experience to your résumé. Many charitable organizations do not have the budget to hire an event planner so whatever services you can provide will be greatly appreciated and advertised. You will meet many people involved in the planning of fundraisers and events and this is a valuable network for potential future business.

Put Up A Website – Nowadays having a website is fundamental to any event planning business growth. Your website is where any information you offer would be available from pricing to discounts, sales to your credentials. As an event planner, you should always be taking pictures of your work to show off on your website. Your pictures are a great way to advertise your event planning skills. Make sure your website is both clean and colorful. It’s a great opportunity to show your personality and explain your style. Use it as a  platform to convince potential clients why they should plan their events with your business rather than your competitors. Many brides search for anything from wedding dresses to wedding caterers online, building an online catalog for all things wedding can drive more attention to your business and add traffic to your website.

Online Advertising – Having a website is only the base of your online presence, to gain clients, promote your event planning business and generate traffic you need to bring attention to your website through online advertising. Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with search engines?! If most of online traffic flows through search engines like Google don’t you think you should advertise on Google?  Any help you need with online advertising try agraba. Agraba is an internet platform helping small businesses advertise online most quickly and easily possible. No past knowledge is needed, the technology will help you get the online advertisement that is crucial to your success. All it takes is 5 mins.

Good Luck! & Good Event Planner Marketing!