Lawn Care Advertising Tips 2019

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Thinking about lawn care advertising for your business? Wondering “How do I get landscaping clients?”? You’ve come to the right place. Your likely got into the lawn care and landscaping business because you enjoy being outside, like helping people, and like seeing the results of a hard day’s work on the garden. Testing and trying different lawn care marketing strategies probably isn’t your favorite thing in the world but remember, it’s super important to your business’s growth and success. Let’s start with a few lawn care advertising tips.

Advertise with flyers: Be sure to design beautiful colorful flyers that grab people’s attention even as their just passing by. Lawncare marketing can be a little pricy…an affordable alternative to hiring someone to design your flyers is an online designing platform called canva. Get your creative juices flowing with this easy to use graphic design tool. In terms of distributing the flyers, you can deliver the flyers yourself, which is a great free way to create awareness for your business. Before you deliver flyers, be sure to check with your local post office to see what sort of laws are in place.

Email newsletters: another tip for lawn care marketing success is Publishing a newsletter. Publishing a newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your landscaping business and its products and services. Sending your clients photos of your work or projects sparks their jealousy making them want to redesign their lawn, reminding them to take care of it. You can also use email newsletters to give your clients lawn care tips sending updates on the latest gardening trends and any sale or discount you offer.  A couple of great emailing online platforms that do everything for you are MailChimp and constant contact.

Online advertising is super important. When people in your area search for “lawn care” on Google you want to be the first name to come up and accumulate as many clients as you can. Crediting to the fact that most online experiences start with Google in addition to the fact that consumers increasingly rely on Google to make their purchasing decisions makes being found on Google incredibly important. Google’s Google ads platform can be tricky to work with and we don’t recommend hiring an expensive marketing agent to do it for you. Any help you need with online advertising try Agraba. Agraba is an internet platform helping small businesses advertise online in the easiest way possible. Literally, all you need to do is type in your business name and location. They even offer a free 7 day Google ads trial to try out their features.


Social Media Advertising: create facebook and Instagram pages that show your talent, express client satisfaction. Proper recognition of your business, even if it is limited to a smaller area, is of significant value to your upcoming landscaping company. People should identify the work you have done in creating the environment around some buildings. As they can know your work when walking around in an area, they become familiar with your new company and its business. Therefore having Instagram posts showing your work helps your followers recognize it on the street.