How To Advertise My Driving School

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Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, want to move from a driving school to independency or simply want to make sure you’re doing all you can to optimize your driving school business, here at Agraba we’ve got a few tips to help you out with driving school marketing. Most likely, the majority of your clients are very young and waiting for their driving test. Millennials are always on their phone or on the internet constantly checking their Instagrams or facebooks. When your target demographic spends most of their time online, if you want to be accessible to your clients that’s where you NEED to be promoting your business.

Put Together A Website –

Nowadays having a website is primary to any businesses online presence. Your website is where any information you offer should be available from pricing to discounts, sales to your credentials. Having a driving school website is a great opportunity to show your personality and explain your style of teaching. Use it as a  platform to convince potential clients why they should learn to drive with your school rather than your competitors. Many students study for their theoretical driving tests online, building an online course or questionnaire for the test can drive more attention to your driving school and add traffic to your website. 

Sart Online Advertising –

Having a website is only the base of your online presence, to gain clients and generate traffic you need to bring attention to your website through online advertising. Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with search engines?! If most of the online traffic flows through search engines like Google don’t you think you should advertise on Google?  Online advertising is a great driving school business growth tip any help you need with online advertising try agraba. Agraba is an internet platform helping small businesses advertise online in the quickest and easiest way possible. No past knowledge is required, our technology will help you get the online advertisement that is crucial to your success. All it takes is 5 mins see examples below

Business Growth With Email Marketing- 

As you know, acquiring a driving license is a process built of multiple lessons that need to be set and scheduled. Reminding students to schedule lessons is crucial. An email newsletter is a great tool to do just that as well as letting them know about any new regulations of the department of transportation they should know about or discounts you can offer them. A couple of great automatic email generating platforms are mail chimp and constant contact.

Organize A Referal System-

“Referrals” are when one of your customers recommends you to their friends or refers other people to your business, ask for referrals from your loyal customers directly and be ready to offer something in return. Being friendly to current customers making them feel like you are giving them what they need in the best way. It all comes down to nurturing meaningful, long-term relationships with students and boosting satisfaction rates. Instead of treating them like some dollar signs, you should incentivize and empower people. That way, they will act as devout brand ambassadors spreading the good word around. Try encouraging the locals to support local business on the local facebook page or any other group you can think of.

Summing up this last post we recommend building a website and starting online advertising as quickly as possible to generate website traffic and boost your business growth with driving school marketing.