5 Pet Sitting Advertising Tips In 2019

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Hey pet lovers! Agraba here and ready to help with all your pet sitting advertising needs. Whether you’ve just started your pet sitting business or have been in the pet sitting industry for years, marketing your pet sitting services at the lowest cost possible is likely a top priority. If your summer schedule isn’t yet fully-booked and you’re looking for pet sitting advertising examples, check out these tips you can use on how to promote your pet-sitting services to local pet owners:

Email marketing –Pet sitting marketing through email is a very useful tool. It requires sending out a newsletter to current clients reminding them to book early for their summer pet-sitting needs. Some pet sitters even offer a special discount for clients who book early. This online newsletter is also a good opportunity to encourage your current clients to spread the word about your pet-sitting business to their friends and family who may also be in need of your services. Mailing them dog caring tips can help promote your pet sitting business by spreading awareness about your brand, having your pet sitting business name constantly on your customer’s mind. If you offer any type of referral discount or incentive, be sure to mention it in this email. For easily automated emails try mailchimp.

Be on the lookout for signs of a pet-owning household. As you are walking clients’ dogs or even in your own neighborhood, looking for signs of a pet-owning household—outdoor dog runs, fencing. Leave door hangers at homesthat have invisible fence flags and signs so that dog owners know who to turn to for their pet sitting needs. Though pay attention to local laws: For example, in some areas putting fliers, signs, etc. on mailboxes is not permitted.


Online advertising is crucial to your success. When people in your area search for “pet sitter near me” on Google you want to be the first name to come up and accumulate as many dog owners as you can. Any help you need with online pet sitting advertising try agraba. Agraba is an internet platform helping pet sitters advertise online in the quickest and easiest way possible. No past knowledge is required, they get their hands dirty, you get the online advertisement that is crucial to your pet sitting business’s success. This way you know that if someone is looking for a pet sitter in your area they will get to you rather than hope they happen to stroll by your flyer somewhere around town.


If there is a local family-friendly restaurant, see if you can make colorful doggy coloring sheets available (with your company information included) for the staff to pass out to potential clients with children.

Looking for the right way to advertise your pet sitting business? try petlove! Pet love motivates independent pet sitters to get in touch with pet owners with 100% of the profits going to pet sitters!

Good luck, and good pet sitting advertising!