9 Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

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A study from the National Association of Realtors shows that 92% of buyers begin the hunt for their new home by looking online for the best realtor in their area. Now, if you are a realtor that is not marketing themselves digitally, it’s time to get on it! Continue reading for the best tips for realtors in 2020. 

1) Market Yourself Using Zillow

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that 90% of homebuyers do their house hunting online prior to contacting a realtor. With that said, Zillow is one of the largest real estate websites with more than 195 million visitors per month. Zillow Premier Agent is a platform that allows realtors to advertise themselves and their listings. It is estimated that for every dollar you spend, you will make $2.60 in commissions.

2) Stay In Touch & Win Client Loyalty

Remember that every client you represent will most likely sell their current home and buy another one. Also, they can potentially recommend you their family and friends.

  • Give great service to each client you work with. Remember, Jenny, who is now looking for a studio rental is tomorrow’s vice president and, in a couple of years, a CEO looking to buy a brownstone because she and her partner are expecting their second child. And if she isn’t, she may know someone who is.
  • Stay in touch throughout the year and gain client loyalty & respect by remembering their birthdays and congratulating them on milestones.
  • Form a lasting relationship with your clients by accumulating their business card & e-mailing them for regular newsletters & future inquiries, follow them on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.

The goal is for your real estate clients to come back to you for their condo purchase, house purchase and property investment. And of course, to keep recommending you to their family and friends.

3) Provide a Complimentary Moving Truck 

A complimentary moving truck, for clients who buy or sell a home. This give you leverage over your competition. Offer the truck to nonprofit organizations. It’s a moving billboard, and no other agent in the area offers a moving truck. It gets lots of attention. Strategically park it in high-traffic areas when not in use. When events are in town that cater to homeowners, such as a home show or boat show, your moving truck should be there.

4) Dress For Success

Realtors are judged by their appearance. The more professional you look the more professional you are to your peers. Observe how your higher-end clients dress. Eliminate slang and inappropriate words from your vocabulary. Attend events, eat at restaurants, and go to hot spots where your ideal clients will be. Remember, people love to work with people that are just like them.

5) Online advertising 

Online advertising is crucial to your success. When people nearby search on Google, “best real estate agents in my area” you want to be the first one that comes up. If you have a limited advertising budget we advise you to start with Google advertising as it is the most used search engine in the world! A good solution for Google Ads specifically is Agraba. It’s a platform that will create customized Google Ads that fit your brand. It takes less than 5 minutes and your ads will attract new clients straight to you!  Agraba offers a 7 day free trial so you can test out all the features prior to investing.

6) Social media

Social media marketing is very important for this industry. Here are some ideas of content for your platforms:

  • Current or new listings
  • Team bios (if you run a real estate brokerage)
  • Case studies
  • Relevant blog posts
  • Success stories
  • Instagram works best with a certain color theme. Make sure to set a unique design layout
  • Hire a photographer to photograph the houses you sell in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Post photos of house interiors
  • Post photos of happy families in front of the new house they just bought/sold
  • Make sure you are constantly wearing professional attire in the posts you are in. Remember, you are your brand so you must represent yourself in that way.

7) Networking

In an industry that is as relationship-driven as real estate, you need to surround yourself with the people you want to work with. You need to be around your ideal client at all times. Therefore, get yourself to a networking event. Try to engage in conversations with as many people as possible and exchange business cards with anyone that you speak with. Think of these events as opportunities to learn about new market information and new strategies your colleagues are using. This is a great realtor marketing tip not only for expanding your network but also for strengthening your knowledge of the real estate market and introducing new marketing strategies.

8) Put Up A Real Estate Website

Building a website is the first thing businesses do to have an online presence.  Owning part of the internet is an important investment and the right step towards digital marketing for your brand. Your website is the cornerstone of your online success.

  • Be sure to include aesthetic pictures on the homepage of your website
  • Hire your photographer to take a picture of the happy family in front of the house they are selling so that a future buyer can imagine himself/ herself buying a house and hiring you
  • If you are part of a team of real estate agents put up an about us section on your website
  • Studies show that the more clients relate to you or feel like they know you the more trustworthy they are towards you
  • Mobile internet use has surpassed desktop computer use. Make sure your website is accessible in most mobile formats
  • Your website should generate not only clicks but actual leads. Users that will eventually become clients. Drive your users to become clients by using call to action buttons. Go beyond catchy phrases by highlighting the benefits of subscribing to your updates (such as regular and timely market and listings updates), designing strategic graphics and layouts that lead the viewer’s attention to a contact form, free “Gifts”,  (an e-book or a market report, for example) .

Having a website is very important, so is advertising it online. If you don’t advertise it, imagine it being like having a house on sale but not putting signs, photos, or spreading the word. No one will know about it! 

 9) E-mail marketing 

One way of doing digital marketing for real estate agents is through e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing means accumulating clients e-mail and sending them a newsletter every week for the marketing purpose of constantly reminding them of your existence. E-mail buyers the houses that have sold or are selling, you can also tell them about events you are having, share your stories and more.

E-mail newsletter templates or layouts? No problem!

Have any other tips you think we missed? Comment below to let us know. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @agraba to get more small business marketing tips &  new blog updates!