5 Gift Shop Marketing Tips In 2019

Being the owner of a gift shop means paying attention to detail, bringing in unique products to display at your shop. Many people all over the world search for gift shops to find something special to give to their loved ones. Wherever you are located you will always have competition to worry about. Be smart and start marketing your gift shop. Here are a few gift shop marketing and promotional ideas.

Excellent Customer Service.

This may seem like a very basic tip but it’s actually one of the best gift shop promotion ideas there are.  Be nice to people! Have a huge smile of your face ask the tourist in you are how their trip is going, where they’re headed to next. Recommend great places to eat in the area just be polite and friendly. It’s important to stock your shop with nice and unique things at fair prices so that your customers tell their friends about this super sweet vendor at an incredibly beautiful gift shop with special items.

Stand Out

Most likely there are at least a couple of other gift shops in your area, you need to attract more buying customers by creating and promoting your unique brand. That is, focus your merchandise and your community image on what you do best. If you love local arts and crafts, focus on providing a better selection than your competition. Further, the name of your shop, your logo, brochures, and advertising should depict a strong image of who you are and what you do. Make sure your gift shop is clean and organized.

Remember you are a GIFT shop

Opening up a beautiful wrapping in a nice gift shop will do wonders for your customers. Stock up on nice wrapping paper as well as ribbons, gift boxes and more! However, don’t forget to brand the details such as wrapping purchases in tissue that matches your attractive branded bags or stickers with your store’s name all over the gift boxes. This way, people getting you beautifully wrapped gifts know exactly where to go when they need to buy gifts for THEIR loved ones.

Put up a landing page 

One of the best gift shop advertising ides is putting up a landing page. A landing page is an online placeholder sending clients looking for a “gift shop nearby” to your landing page. Your landing page should display beautiful photos of your merchandise, have a map showing your location and a form for clients to leave their information so you can get back to them regarding any question they have.

Online advertising 

Online advertising is crucial to your success. When people in your area search for “gift shop near me” on Google you want to be the first name to come up and accumulate as many gift customers as you can. Any help you need with online gift shop advertising try agraba.Agraba is an internet platform helping gift shops advertise online in the quickest and easiest way possible. No past knowledge is required, they get their hands dirty, you get the online advertisement that is crucial to your gift shop’s success. This way you know that if someone is looking for a gift shop in your area your gift shop marketing will get them to you rather than to your customers.

Good luck growing your business through gift shop advertising!