6 Advertising Tips For Comic Book Shops In 2019

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From big-budget Marvel films to international conventions, it seems as everything comic book related is hotter than ever. But despite the interest comic book shops aren’t getting enough clients. Here are a few tips to try and change that:

The comic book community is a very social group. They love to talk about their fan theories online, meet up at comic con and discuss all the details of whatever comic spikes their interest. What if you could generate all that enthusiasm and fandom to your shop? What if you made your comic book shop the local hangout for comic book geeks? It would do wonders for your business. Such a spot needs to be more than just a characterless regular store. Minor investments can make your shop feel welcoming and attractive. Bold paint colors, comic book art, a well thought out layout, bean bag chairs, eye-catching displays, and even gaming tables or a small snack bar are all ways to bring in more people, and therefore more revenue. Striking a balance can result in a really neat community hub where comic fans feel welcome, encourage each other to add to their collections, and are drawn to visit again and again. 

In addition to upgrading your shop, we mentioned that many fans turn to the internet to express their love of the comic book genre. With so many fans all over the internet to drive more clients to your comic book shop would mean being more present online. A website for your shop is a crucial base for your online presence though that may not be enough. Getting people to actually view your site is the real problem, getting traffic to your website can be done in all these three platforms:

Email newsletters: Publishing a newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your comic book shop and its products and services. Sending updates on the latest comic book trends, new books and any sale or discount you offer. arranging events like book signings and comic readings are great marketing tools that can be distributed to the public through email newsletters. A couple of great emailing online platforms that does everything for you are MailChimp and constant contact.

Facebook and social media page: with innumerable pages attributed to different superheroes or comic book characters. Keeping your shop’s social media will help people in your targeted community to view your shop or even discuss a comic book scene on your page, raising awareness of your brand. 

Online advertising through Google: people are looking for comic book shops exactly in the area your shop is located, though not finding you online! Having a  website in the black hole that is the internet somewhere on page 1823776 of Google isn’t helping you. Boost your online advertising with Agraba. An online platform that helps potential clients reach you via google results easily & efficiently in less than 5 mins. This way you are more accessible to future clients, making online marketing crucial to your success.

Host in-store events that will attract visitors. Try to attract author signings, artist Q&A sessions, comic book writing lessons, small fairs or even games nights. Doing so is a great way to bring crowds on-site, making them familiar with your shop in an environment where they don’t feel they’re pressured to buy. Letting people know about said events should be done online rather than offline posting on your website, facebook page, and email newsletter.