7 Digital Marketing For Restaurants Tips 2019

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As a restaurant owner, you rarely have to deal with the marketing aspect of your business. Though, as time goes by you realized that your digital marketing strategy is at most lacking if not nonexistent. You are probably asking yourself “Okay, digital advertising is becoming more and more crucial, but how exactly do I grow my restaurant business with digital advertising”?. Thinking about restaurant marketing and digital advertising is giving you a headache. Don’t worry about all the things you’ll have to learn so that you market your restaurant successfully. We summed up all the great restaurant marketing and digital marketing for restaurants tips to get you going! Here are 7 digital marketing for restaurant tips. Start advertising your restaurant the right way!


Restaurant Social Media Marketing  

Social media marketing for restaurants is not only useful for attracting customers to your restaurant but its also helpful in ensuring they keep coming back. Social media sites encourage customers to comment on their interactions with your restaurant, which can help gauge their satisfaction. Once you have an established number of followers uploading appetizing photos of your dishes will spark your follower’s hunger making them want to come over and have a slice of that cheesy pizza or a bite of the fancy fish We have a whole section on making your food look “insta worthy” below. We recommend uploading photos of your team so that your followers feel like they are part of the food-making process. You also post tasy themed videos from bove filming the cooking process.

Restaurant Email Marketing

Digital marketing for restaurants is also done with email marketing. Email marketing means accumulating clients email and sending them a newsletter every week for the marketing purpose of constantly reminding them of your existence. Email customers your menu if it changes, you can also send out the weekly specials, Tell them about events you are having, Make a customer appreciation day that’s exclusive for subscribers where they get a discount, Share your restaurant’s story or history. and more!  email newsletter templates or layouts? No problem!

Online Advertising For Restaurants

Another marketing tip for restaurant owners is Online advertising. Online advertising is crucial to your success and maybe one of the most important restaurant marketing ideas. When people in your area search for “restaurant near me” on Google you want to be the first name to come up and so that you can accumulate as many hungry customers as you can. A big part of restaurant marketing is advertising your restaurant on Google. Any help you need with online restaurant advertising we recommend you try Agraba . You can do Google Ads yourself without having to study for 2 days, the platform shortens the process as long as you type in your business name, location, and profession. Choose from a list of search terms and ready-made ads. It’s still in its early stages but it works well. They even offer a free 7 day Google ads trial to try out their features. We don’t have a solution for facebook ads though if you know of a good one or tried out our recommendation let us know in the comments below.

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Put Up A Website 

It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. In today’s digital age, your website is your digital storefront – it’s what potential customers judge to determine whether they want to buy something from you. Therefore a badly designed website can be the reason why your potential customers decide not to eat at your restaurant, a badly designed website can even be the reason why some businesses fail. though website design is ipmortant it is not the only factor in deciding whether or not a website is trustworthy. Make sure the expirience your users are getting from your website is a good one.

Below are many beautiful website examples to inspire you.

Though having a website is crucial for obvious reasons it does not ensure online success. Understand that having a website somewhere in the black hole that is the internet isn’t enough anymore- no one can find you unless you start online advertising in some way. The way you will get more customers to your restaurant.

Restaurant Delivery system

A survey from Statista found that 20 percent of people use food delivery at least once a week. That’s billions of dollars in spending!  Don’t miss out on this flood of customers. Grow your restaurant business and partner with a delivery service to make it as easy as possible for people to find your restaurant from their computers or smartphones. Consider teaming up with the following services:







Aesthetic Restaurant Venue.

Remember! A great restaurant marketing tip is to know that one of the criteria being tested when deciding a place to eat is whether or not the venue is clean, trustworthy and has a nice atmosphere. Decorate your restaurant to a specific theme that looks aesthetic and clean.

Make Your Food “Insta worthy”

Many people, especially millennials go to restaurants just so they can photograph the food. If you post beautiful photos on your Instagram page you can draw in this target market. Come up with something creative that other restaurants haven’t done yet. Have a colorful and photogenic signature meal or drink that stands out. Once you plan your unique meal, you will need to take an amazing photo of it for everyone on Instagram to see!