4 Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Business Account

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When was the last time you checked your Instagram feed? Probably within the last hour? Let me guess, you scrolled through pictures of delicious-looking food, travel, and selfies?

The chances that you saw a post made from a small business are very slim, because the sad reality is that most small businesses are not even on Instagram! This is an extremely powerful platform, it allows you to stay in constant communication with your current clients and reach new ones. Your clients are most likely browsing the app every chance they get – in line to check out at the grocery store, in the cab on their way to work and even on their lunch break. Mobile marketing is the key to growing your small business. It is the perfect platform to market yourself especially if your ideal client is within the 18 to 30 age range.

Keep reading if you want suggestions on how to spruce your Instagram and check out Agraba’s Instagram for some inspiration!

1) Optimize your bio: your bio is the first thing people see. It needs to make a good first impression. It’s important to have a great bio that invites people to follow your account. This is the spot where you include your website or landing page. This platform is about having fun and expressing your creativity. Your bio should reflect that – keep it simple, interesting, and use emojis.


2) Post unique content: this platform is a visual medium and having esthetically pleasing photos is key. Focus on taking exceptional, quality photos. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer; your iPhone camera will do! You can even use free editing apps to make them more professional looking. Here are some suggestions of content you can post:

  • Staff photos
  • Sneak peeks on projects you are working on
  • Behind-the- scenes photos and videos
  • Inspiring quotes

3) Post consistently: the more often you post, the more users you will reach. Consistency is key to growing your following and having your post appear at the top of the timeline. Instagram’s algorithm works in a way that the more engagement your page gets, the more the app will expose your page to your target audience.

4) Have a theme across your page: having a cohesive feed, will differentiate you from your competitors and will captivate your audience’s attention. Try to stick to a similar color scheme for all the photos you post. The secret here is to share similar photos regularly, so your followers know what’s coming next. Keep track of your engagement and adjust your posts based on which photos your audience likes the most!

Those are all our tips for now! Remember: bio, uniqueness, consistency and cohesiveness are key to growing your business Instagram’s page. If you manage your page correctly, Instagram will allow you to reach unlimited number of potential clients! Use it to your advantage. Let us know which of these tips worked best for you. Good luck!