DIY Labor Day & Fourth Of July Store Decorations

One of the best ways to market your business on huge holidays like Labor Day or 4th of July is decorating your store to make people feel the air of celebrations just by strolling by your store! Americans LOVE The feel of festivity and happiness that come with decorations, even the smallest and simplest decorations will make a huge impact! At Agraba we feel that the best way to get things done is to do it yourself! Go ahead and stroll down to get the directions to a super easy holiday decoration you can do all by yourself so that the holiday spirit benefits your business!

DIY Labor Day & Fourth Of July Store Decorations


      • Tin can 
      • Red white and blue tape
      • White star stickers
      • Red white and blue paper
      • Scissors
      • Double-sided tape
      • at least 6 Barbeque skewers


        • Wrap the red white and blue tape one on top of the other on the tin can like seen in the image 
        • Stick the white stickers to the top of the white can and Ta-Da! Our labor day tin can is ready!
        • Cut the red white and blue papers into about 3 inch wide stripes 
        • Cut the top of each stripe into little stripes while preserving the base of the paper
        • At the base of the paper skewer part of the double-sided tape
        • Attach the barbeques skewer to the other side of the double-sided tape.
        • Wrap the 3-inch stripes around the top of the barbeque skewer as such, and curl the cuts of the stipes with your scissors 
        • Continue this until you have enough barbeque skewer to satisfy your vision!


While our decorations are super easy to bring lots of joy, color and can be hung anywhere, we also recommend making special cookies or treats in red white and blue colors and icing to be distributed outside your store! Any walker by will come to your store when regularly they would just keep on walking! Happy holidays and happy marketing!